The 4 Benefits of Celery Juice

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Celery may not sound like the most appetizing food to fall in love with, but its juice form is the wellness food that people, including celebrities, can’t get enough of. This trend started on Instagram with wellness channels beginning to promote all of the benefits of celery juice from helping with eczema to delivering antioxidants to the skin. So, should you be offering clients celery juice in the waiting room?

Benefit 1: Vitamin Delivery

There are a lot of vitamins in celery that are delivered to the body and skin. Vitamins A, K and C are all present in this beverage, which help to promote healthy skin cell production, heal body wounds and boost collagen synthesis for anti-aging benefits.

Benefit 2: Fighting Inflammation

It is fairly well known that celery has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is actually the phytonutrients, luteolin and polyacetylenes that provide powerful antioxidants and lower inflammatory prostaglandins in the skin.

Benefit 3: Sleep Promotion

Drinking celery juice can actually help aid in sleep production. Pair this with a sleep-inducing massage, and your client’s will be saying goodnight in no time. Celery restores hydration in the skin while also containing a high amount of magnesium to help clients sleep better at night.

Benefit 4: Clear Skin

The combination of water and antioxidants in celery juice is great for purifying the body, which can help clear up the skin. The antioxidants present in celery work to fight off free radicals, free the body of toxins and prevent the skin cells from being damaged. While celery may not seem like the most hyped vegetable, it definitely is starting to turn heads. Give this underrated stalk a try, and ensure future health and wellness.


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